A short history of Captain Koala (March, 2008)

‘Captain Koala’ was a cartoon character I came up with in 1993, since then I have put out 9 issues of the comic and there is another 15 scripts that are ready to be pencilled.
I won’t be getting those pencilled unless someone comes up to me and asks to do it because they need the experience (it happens every 2 years, that’s why the artwork is different for each issue).

The comic started because I wanted to get into the industry, I always wanted to be a writer and I thought I could do comedy.
So I wrote 5 scripts, the trouble started when nobody would edit them but my mother told me to follow my dreams and get them printed. They stank 🙁
I got a lot of negative press in the Australian comic industry which stalled the comic at issue 5 – one of the longest runs ever by an Australian comic!! I stopped the comic because of the feedback but then something really weird happened – when I announced that there would be no more a lot of people came out of the woodwork and said it was the funniest comic this country had ever produced!!

So now what? I was only making enough money to cover my costs so it was only a hobby, but when you get asked by several people to make another issue – it’s fairly flattering.

So a year later I put another issue out – and because my writing had improved I felt it was a lot better. My fans loved it, the press hated it but now it upset me, there opinion had never upset me before, so why now? … because they admitted they hadn’t read it ….

The comic stalled again but my fans called out for more.
So 2 years later (1998) issue 7 came out – and my writing had improved again – and the critics still didn’t read it.
One reviewer wrote “… this comic is up to issue 7, if you can believe that … “. Why not? Guess what pal, comics don’t’ last 7 issues if they are as bad as you make out. On a forum board I challenged this reviewer to name the main bad persons race (it was something you wouldn’t forget if you read it) – he had no idea as he admitted that he had not read it.

2 years later (2000) issue 8 came out, and I never read the reviews. Heck, if they won’t read my comic why should I read their reviews?

After that issue life got in the way, I do a lot of other things now and don’t have the time to do another issue- but as I said before, there is another 15 issues scripted (my writing has really improved so they are very funny).
If someone wants to draw them then they are welcome, but for the mean time I’ll stick with other things.

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