An Introduction to ebay

One of the big buzzwords in the media and the Internet at the moment is the word ‘ebay’; but what is ebay?  Simply put ebay is an international auction site where people put their collectibles on and the potential buyers bid on the item.

Well that’s how it was in 1995 when it all started but now it has grown.

These days we have the option of buying an item outright if the seller puts a price on it that they are willing to accept (and therefore avoiding the problems of an auction, mostly waiting a week for the auction to finish before the item is paid for).

 It’s not only about collectibles now either, with an estimated 104 million listings at any one time you can be sure that any item that you are looking for will be there.

I remember looking for a comic book that my brother and I had a huge fight over, we were 10 & 12 respectively; now, 15 years later, we look back and agree it was a funny time.  So we went onto ebay to find a copy; straight away we found 2 copies (which we promptly bought for $1 each) – we bought both copies so we didn’t have another fight over who owned it!

 The question I get asked most is ‘Can I make a living on ebay?’ and I always give a diplomatic answer about how you only get out what you put it.

Ebay is not an answer, it is a business tool.

It took me 5 years to learn that lesson, ebay is a tool like any other tool you use in business.

From a personal example, I had a plumber friend who made his living unblocking drains with a tool called an ‘eel’.  He could do the other things that plumbers do but concentrated on this one tool.

So yes, you can make a living by using one tool (ebay) but diversification, and using many tools, makes sure that not all your eggs are in one basket.

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