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Adsense, ad-rings and ad-scams

After my article ‘Adwords and Adsense’ I received a few emails from people who were making a lot of money (or so they claimed) from being in a click ring with 100,000 other members. They all used false email addresses so I couldn’t reply to them individually so I’ll have to do it here. Don’t you people all realise that you are stealing?? I’m a person who used adwords to advertise my web site and I can tell you that you are STEALING my money! There is no other way to describe it as it is theft, pure and simple. From the tone of the emails I don’t think they really care though, as long as they get their money; I for one hope that google find out who is in this ‘click ring’ and ban the lot of you, do you really think it’s that hard to work out who is in it from the inside? And please don’t try to convince me that ‘google will never discover us because we are too smart for them’ – Bulldust – you only need one google person to infiltrate it in order to finish it off. The laws of probability says that google has already infiltrated your ring and is busily gathering info. And 100,000 members? I don’t think so, someone would have told google waaaay before you hit that mark. I actually went through my old adwords account today – did you know that there are some key words that are GUARANTEED to be clicked on? I have the proof! Nigerian letter scam, 419 scam and Nigerian scam all had a 100% click through rate! How good is that?!? As I have stated before though, not one person clicked any further than the home page so I’m guessing that it was the Nigerian scammers that actually find these sorts of ads and click on them in order to get them off google; or at least push our advertising expenses through the roof (which they succeeded to do with my account, I had to shut it down). Never fear though, my account will be back. EDIT : My account didn’t come back; google refuse to give me any information or allow me to get my account back.